Wednesday, February 11, 2015

One ticket to suckville

I'm beat down tonight. It was just one of those days. Really sad cases keep rolling in, and the cherry on top was a heavy assignment with new admits and transports. It's so hard for us healthcare workers to know what's really going on with a patient behind the "white curtain" of information (sugar coating prognoses), and then seeing a hopeful family leaning over their mom's bed because her heart is still beating. C'est la vie, non?

On a lighter note...

More observations from yours truly recently:
1. When you don't have a hemastat, that's when you need one.
2. OR admits in CVICU happen most frequently at shift change, and never spaced apart.
3. The cafeteria has surprisingly good chicken wings.
4. Healthcare workers are paid to be inadvertent sadomasochists. 
5. It only takes one time to get run over on transport before you watch where your feet are in proximity to wheels rolling.
6. Don't like a particular RN? Guess who has the patient that's been coding all day??
7. Eat your veggies so you don't get a bowl obstruction so large that... well you know the rest.
8. Med students always ask to shadow me on the days that I am doing noooothing interesting.

And fin. I've got two more two more days until vaaaacation and I'm quite ecstatic!

Later gators.


Anonymous said...

Did you get into PA school? I am a fellow RRT in Cali and am now realizing that I am meant for PA and that RT was just my push into the right direction. I have to redo ALL my science courses after I finish with my Bachelors the end of next year. I hate that stupid 7 year rule.

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Respiratory Therapy Zone said...

Lol, great post! I'm a new RRT grad myself and just started a blog to help other respiratory students. I would love it you added me to your list on the sidebar! :) Feel free to reach out any time.

javeed said...

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Tjumpnjack said...
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